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“The menu is not the meal” –Exploring languages has always created doors of opportunities for any domain. As discussing the importance of Hospitality Industry or The Industry of Welcoming Princeton plays a vital role in assuring the comfortability of the visitors. We see the universities taking efforts in organizing mandatory sessions for improving foreign languages in which learning French plays a vital role.

Why French? The researchers state that 275 million people speak French globally. The hospitality industry has bloomed to great heights with the French language. Employers prefer their employees to make their clients feel at home. Thus, the universities should also step in by introducing new teaching methodologies for students to embellish the language, but education differs from place to place.

Knowledge of communication is the backbone of this booming industry. Through a journey back down the ages, we see that Hospitality is a term derived from Latin roots that refers to the verbal relationship between the guest and the host, as the industry divides itself into sectors of restaurants, hotels, cruise ships etc. Basically, the individual who visits a tourist spot or a restaurant feels happy when he/she is addressed in his/her own language. So, the individuals in this field are being encouraged to be multi-linguists.

Indian Hospitality Industry is termed as the Sunrise Industry which holds a huge scope of success in the near future. There are nearly 15 million individuals who excel in this domain from India. Categorizing the sectors, the role of Lodging, Food and Beverages, Transportations, Theme Parks and Amusement Parks establish the need of being multi-linguists. Indians carry a very traditional impact as the words – “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means “Guest is God” – A large responsibility in making them comfortable is taken by practising languages where French has a dominant role in their courses. Excelling in the language differs from one person to another.

French Hospitality Industry is a continuous success as it receives a large number of visitors every year. To justify the statement of how learning Spoken French, make a university student: Job ready in Hospitality Industry in India and Abroad. The industry itself has various sectors yet to be in the limelight we the French cuisine which has been the trademark of culinary in the world as simple as the word Savoir-French – It’s rich in vocabularies for students and comfortability for its visitors.

The art of welcoming Princeton focuses on the communication skills which creates the pathways for learning Spoken French at Universities in this industry. We see that these institutions create different methodologies in acknowledging French language. But the question whether they practice the language remains stagnated. Yet we see many foreign or private passionate individuals joining the educational hubs setting the environment for practicing the language instead of memorizing. The system has grown cold in approaches (i.e., A student can easily reply to a formal / informal conversation which is memorized for a particular situation, addressing at shops, schools, hotels etc.). In a real situation the attitude in confidence gets shattered since the language varies from the memorized dialogues.

When the scaffold has not been set properly, that particular individual fails to get recognized even if they are talented. The role of private tutors has been encouraged and supported. The basic updates of the languages have decreased rather than increasing in the universities. We see that the educational hubs enrich learning French rather than practicing the language. Students are been trained in different fields of the language like literature, history, cinema, translation etc. The development of communication skills is being focused less comparatively. Speaking the language brings in life which is failed to be noticed. The students approach the private institutions to develop their abilities. Many private forums support in the development of the articulation skills, which helps them to navigate the route perfectly while communicating with Francophones and leading into a friendlier conversation.

As per today’s status, we see millions of people who speak French fluently. The respective modernization “digital classes” made by both the French Embassy and the Indian Embassy roughly makesassurance of developing the French courses with natives. We see that the universities have also been encouraged to support the students in choosing the preferred programs with 50% of scholarships in taking French lessons in more than 13 cities with 1500 courses which could encourage half of the people’s population to enhance in speaking the language lively and creating more job opportunities for French speakers.

We can also see universities like:

  1. Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition (IHM), Mumbai.
  • Welcome Group Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA), Manipal
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Écoles hoteliers de Lausanne
  • Online Hotel Management Degrees
  • IHMCS 

Having built up their unique stage of preparing the students to be globally recognized, Advantage of HI – a student can be provided with a job with or without a Bachelor’s degree since the purpose of the program is to deliver a great customer experience for which language is important.

Exploring the job aspects of speaking French has created a positive outlook among the individuals, because, when he/she is fluent in the language, they are hired immediately by many companies and institutions. From simple cafes to fine dining restaurants from tourist centres to remote centres, language creates the advantage of being comfortable. As a multi-linguist, the particular student gets an opportunity also to be an expert in his/her field of hospitality domain. As a key role of discussing the platforms created by the French language – it is occasionally termed as hospitality language. Therefore, the student who knows the language has open gateways.

The key role of being employed is performing the language. We see French as a widely spoken business language and according to the recent updates, we see the job opportunities blooming for the individuals who are skilled. The universities should prioritize their goals and responsibilities for creating more platforms for students and respective environment in practising French. Mastering the vocabularies and expressions related to work should make the student confident enough in conversing with the foreign individual. They should also be able to understand the guest’s explicit and implicit needs, for which spontaneity of understanding the language should be practised to cherish the peach blossom of success in their work.

Overall a definite yes, Spoken French makes a university student: Job ready in Hospitality Industry in India and Abroad with certain measures of practising the language with confidence which creates and would create the professional advantages. The universities should opt for professional courses and training are done by foreign and private professionals with nativity and give the freedom to students to choose and to explore their language space or else it would be like just feeding the names in the menu card without savouring the meal.

Le Frehindi-Paris, helps thousands of students in the Indian hospitality & tourism sector to acquire professional French language skills with certifications from France.

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