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A career in event management involves much more than “throwing a party” although that in itself can already be an elaborate endeavor. If you love socializing and thrive on taking care of all the little details that make events perfect, you may like to work in Events Management. But have you considered exactly what could be involved in this career choice, what skills you would be required to learn, what kind of job outlook you can expect today, and what salary you would earn as an event manager.

What is Events Management
Events management is project management for events. As the manager, you must think logically, strategically, and creatively about different aspects of events. You may work on events in a particular industry; popular niches for event managers include scientific, arts, cultural, wedding, religious, musical, political, commercial, and social.

Today the expectations are high and gone are the days of party throwing when you just called a caterer and a few suppliers and did the rest yourself. Events are, of course, punctual, which necessitates absolute perfection in organization and implementation.

What does an Event Manager do?
Event managers organize and plan events either for their company or a client.

At the beginning there is the concept and the strategy. Based on this, the "how" is planned, which includes, among other things, researching locations, setting budgets and coordinating professionals and service providers who contribute significantly to the success of the event.

The following main tasks belong to the job of an event manager:

Development of strategy and event concept
Budgeting / cost calculation
Determination of the event location
Definition of the target group
Marketing, communication and sales
Coordination with service providers
Personnel planning and deployment
Evaluation and optimization

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